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Eric Kukucka Interviewed for Product Release of Ivotion

 Eric D. Kukucka DD was  interviewed about Ivoclar Vivadent’s newest innovation IVOTION. Kukucka was part of the product development team over the years. Kukucka stated in the interview “The disc is really fascinating. So far, I’ve been able to test every patient case successfully. The process is very efficient and the results are remarkable.” “This disc will revolutionize Digital Denture Technology for many years to come.” 

Ivotion will completely change the world of digital dentures,” explains Diego Gabathuler, CEO of Ivoclar Vivadent. “It is an absolute breakthrough innovation and the next big step for digital dentistry that will enhance the production efficiency of dental laboratories without sacrificing quality and esthetics.”

The interview also Featured Mr.Tobias Specht Director of global business unit Labside, Mr, Diego Gabathuler. CEO of Ivoclar Vivadent, Mr. Rune Fisker Vice President of Strategy for 3Shape, Mr. Lee Culp CDT, CEO Sculpture Studios.

The Ivotion Denture System gives you planning reliability, heightens your efficiency and leads to predictable results. It can be used for many different applications in digital removable denture prosthetics.

The new Ivotion disc is expected to be available in May 2020.  Concurrent and together with this new monolithic milling process, all other exclusive digital denture workflows such as the oversize milling process of Ivoclar Vivadent will be integrated into the 3Shape Dental System 2020, starting with the release planned for May 2020.

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