This has truly given me back my quality of life and confidence


Tom – Upper and Lower Digital Immediate Transitionals

Procedure: Upper and Lower Digital Immediate Transitional Dentures

Tom suffered for many years with the state of his teeth. He was referred to our office by a local dentist to be treated with Immediate Complete dentures and Implant over dentures in his lower jaw. This entire procedure was conducted utilizing an intra oral scanner (Trios wireless) which does not require any impression materials to be used. This process optimizes the patient experience. Tom was referred to a local oral surgeon who extracted all of Tom’s remaining upper and lower teeth and placed two implants in his lower jaw at the time of surgery. Tom now has his transitional dentures attached to his lower implants. Tom could not be happier with his decision to have this treatment conducted. He will be treated with his final upper and lower implant retained Digital Dentures in a few months. Check back to see his amazing transformation!

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