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I suffered for years with poor fitting dentures that did not look like teeth! Now with my new digital Dentures I finally can smile with dignity and take all the selfies I've always wanted to take!


Laurie – Upper & Lower Digital Dentures

Procedure: Upper and Lower Digital Dentures

Laurie lost all her own teeth at just 26  after struggling with blood-related medical issues since she was a teenager. A medication she was taking had the horrible side-effect of compromising her teeth to the point of needing extraction.“I had all my teeth pulled in the hospital,” she said. “I balled my eyes out. I had nightmares. Your smile is such a confidence thing.”

For years Laurie  was hesitant to break out in an ear-to-ear grin despite a vibrant personality that lends itself to smiles and laughter. An old, poor-fitting and damaged set of dentures almost always held her back. Laurie  would often cover her mouth with her hand so others couldn’t see the bad shape her teeth were in. When she bit into a chocolate bar last Halloween, her upper plate cracked completely in half.

Struggling to get settled after a recent family move from Marathon, Ontario, she glued the plate back together herself. “I’m a waitress, I can’t be without my teeth,” she said of her do-it-yourself fix. Whenever she was working at Thanasi’s Greek Restaurant, Laurie wouldn’t eat anything for fear of breaking her fragile dentures again. “The only thing I’d have was the soup,” she said.

Laurie was one of the first patients treated with Digital Dentures and has never felt better in her life! Laurie stated that these dentures have made her into a totally new person! It was a double delight to be able to treat her and her husband, Pat. As we like to say, they walked down the aisle together and now they smile together!

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