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I suffered for years with dentures that never fit properly in my lower jaw until I found The Denture Center!


Betty -Upper and Lower Digital Dentures

Procedure: Upper and Lower Digital Dentures

Betty was referred to our clinic by a local dentist to be treated with new removable dentures. Betty expressed her concerns  that the lower dentures never fit her properly. She suffered with these ill fitting dentures for many years which resulted in her not wearing her dentures at all. We treated Betty with our Digital Denture System in conjunction with the SEMCD Concept (Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture). SEMCD provides the patient with increased retention, stability and function. This in conjunction with the Digital Denture System provides our patients the highest standard of care. Betty has now had these dentures for 6 months and is extremely pleased with the results that we were able to achieve for her. Amazing!

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