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1 on 1

Online Training Course


Eric Kukucka DD

Welcome to The Denture Center 1 on 1 Online education program.

This is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding as to what is achievable in a hands on practical setting. This also gives you the opportunity to choose what areas of this technology most interest you or that you would like to develop more skills. The time with us complete and undivided.

Course Topics
To Choose From:

  • Designing Complete Digital Dentures 
  • Designing Single Arch Digital Dentures
  • Designing Immediate Digital Dentures  
  • Scanning Dentures with  Trios IOS
  • Digitizing your analogue records with 3Shape Desktop Scanner. 
  • Impression techniques in conjunction with auxiliary armamentarium (Centric Tray UTS-CAD) 
  • Functional closed mouth impression techniques
  • Digital Denture manufacturing 
  • PrograMill PM7(achieving optimal results with your system) 
  • Characterization of Digital Denture teeth
  • Designing IVOTION (Coming Soon) 
  • Dental Photography 101 
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